About Me

Hi, thanks for bringing me into your home. My Name is Erin. I have been cooking and entertaining my entire life. I studied in the kitchen of Bettye Ruth, aka Gramma and Great gramma. Those ladies started me with the fundamentals of cooking. I am also a professional stage actress and singer in NYC. I have been very lucky to be successful in my field, but like most actors, in between gigs I needed a job. So began my career in the restaurant industry. I worked in some of New York City's most successful restaurants with famous chefs. I worked in my first kitchen when I was 14. It was an arts center, that catered events and did fancy in house brunch every weekend. I worked desserts. I wanted to be a chef when I grew up, but when I realized I couldn't sing and cook at the same time, I chose singing. I'm so glad I did. Now cooking is my hobby, but also still my passion.

 I build my dream entertaining space last year in my backyard. I will share party info, and pics to inspire your parties.
   I'm also in the process of building my little company that could. Pickles and Pies. A canning and pie shop. Right now, I don't have a building in which I'm operating out of. I'm like a gypsy pie maker. But I am building my empire!

Message me, and leave comments. Would love to hear from you!!    xoxo Erin