Monday, September 26, 2011

Homemade Butter

Today, because I'm a little crazy, I decided my store bought butter wasn't good enough. So I got some heavy cream and a mason jar, and got down to business.

 I have made it many times before, but had almost forgot about it. Why did I stop making my own butter?? Oh,'s easier to run to the store. But then I thought, "Hey! If my friend can make homemade soy milk at home, why can't I make butter?" And you can too!

What you need:
Heavy cream (room temp) the tiny carton is best for measurement
A canning jar with lid  (one pint)
Kosher salt

What you do: 
Put heavy cream in canning jar. Put lid on tight. Start shaking it like crazy(may take 20-30 min). At first it will become like a whipped cream, but keep shaking. It will soon start becoming thicker, and separating. When it does, open the lid, and pour off the buttermilk(keep it in a separate jar if you want). Put lid back on, and keep shaking. You may have to pour off buttermilk a few more times. When it becomes a smooth butter, you're done! I personally add a pinch of kosher salt. And this time, I went to my herb garden and added fresh thyme to the butter. There are many variations of what you can add to the butter. Let your imagination take you! This will store in the fridge up to two weeks, or in the freezer for a lot longer.

My advice is to make this butter the day before a dinner party. It will impress everyone. It's a wonderful creamy texture.  

By: Erin Crosby

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